Trials Fusion telecharger gratuit de PC et Torrent

Trials Fusion Telecharger
gratuit et Torrent pour PC – Version Complete de jeu

La fusion de Procès est l’édition suivante de la série populaire de moto d’arcade. L’acteur reprend le rôle du cascadeur, dont la tâche est de surmonter la course d’obstacles, exécutant une série de cascades spectaculaires sur une moto. Le titre a été produit par le studio de promoteur finlandais RedLynx de Développeur RedLynx. Trials Fusion telecharger est la quatrième partie véritable du cycle de motos d’enduro d’arcade en tête le rôle. Les promoteurs du studio finlandais RedLynx atteint pour les solutions prouvées qui ont enrichi quelques nouveaux éléments et l’arrangement audiovisuel impressionnant. Comme dans des jeux précédents dans la série, l’acteur adresse le cascadeur d’actions se spécialise dans l’acrobatie spectaculaire sur une moto. Mais cette fois l’action est mise dans le monde de l’avenir, un héros a érigé devant le défi dans une série de courses d’obstacles futuristes, qui n’est pas difficile de trouver une chute douloureuse.



Trials Fusion Telecharger Exigences recommandée POUR PC:

[box type=”info”]CPU: Core i5 2.5 GHz; RAM: 4 GB; OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1; Carte vidéo: GeForce GTX 560 Ti; Espace disque libre: 8 GB[/box]


Comment installer Trials Fusion Telecharger:

  1. Télécharger le Trials Fusion Gratuit installateur de Jeux-Telecharger.FR
  2. Lancez-le sur votre ordinateur
  3. Suivez les instructions fournies dans le programme
  4. Après environ 30 minutes, le jeu sera prêt
  5. Lancer le jeu et profiter


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Believe it or not, but a series of Trials of the Finnish studio RedLynx is already 14 years old. None of setting up the company in 2000 and issuing a moment her debut production – First Trials just – could not expect that things will turn out so favorably. The beginnings were not easy, because a full-fledged continuation of the game about overcoming obstacles on a motorcycle came to wait for seven years, but soon would come the turn. Released in 2009 on XBLA Trials HD enamored of himself homesick this type of experience players, RedLynx by sitting on the throne of the genre. Ubisoft saw the popularity of the series, taking over the company in 2011, and Trials Fusion is the culmination of previous cooperation. Cooperation apparently very successful, because the Trials Fusion is undoubtedly the best edition of the cycle. Not only polishing up nearly perfected the formula of the game with a perfectly designed routes, brilliant physics or building a championship challenge, but adds to it the elements of a seemingly unnecessary, but adding another layer of fun. And yet these never too much. Sitting for Trials Fusion did not expect this at all, but this game of motorcycle jumping over obstacles even has a … story. The story is non-invasive, because focusing entirely on overcoming the routes can be missed. But great works flowing in the background in parallel with our progress and visiting other corners of this futuristic world, betraying the story himself, and what led him to the brink of collapse.

Trials Fusion Gratuit telecharger de PC – Version Complete et Torrent

And we see this world really big chunk. Adventure start somewhere on the borders of a futuristic city in the laboratory, where we will know the basic principles of rule over a motorcycle that already after a few moments to leave his raw, metallic wall to the accompaniment of explosions attacked by unidentified forces dam. On the way to the city overcome the snow-capped peaks in the same metropolis we visit sterile suspiciously empty streets and the roofs of skyscrapers and in the framework of the re-trip out of town will leave tire tracks in the tropical jungle, desert or in complexes of research. Set of environments rather trite, but the obstacles projects and additional attractions for each of the levels of reward to go to the sitter. Our rider brings a serious trouble in every corner of that visit. On the route of his journey, everything is falling apart, explodes and turns into disrepair. Above his head fly mysterious aircraft. Twisted routes are twisted from beginning to end. Some of these surprises from the first second, firing steel steed with a catapult or bringing him a few floors down through cleverly hidden trapdoor. When somewhere in the middle it gets too monotonous, the route collapses centimeter in front of the front wheel or on the contrary – is beginning to be built on the fly. There is no question of boredom.

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